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Increase your sales in Russia — this is the philosophy of our work.

Russia is a large country with a well-developed business. The Russian government is doing a lot to attract foreign companies and foreign investment. Forums are held on interstate relations, contracts are prepared for global corporations. But in Russia, there are a lot of medium-sized and small companies actively looking for foreign partners. Finding and integrating a foreign company into the Russian business is the main mission of Integra Force.

Often foreign companies entering the Russian market take part in specialized exhibitions in Moscow or St. Petersburg to find business partners and present their products and services. Participation in exhibitions is very expensive. The purchase of an exhibition space, the transport of a container to Russia with exhibition materials and product samples, the arrival and placement of a delegation, according to the most modest estimates, are costs of tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes with zero effect. We must say that in 2021-2022, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibition activities will most likely be discontinued.

Our company Integra Force offers effective, fast, least expensive ways and means of integrating a foreign company into the market of goods and services in Russia.

Philosophy of our company is to work honestly, actively, energetically, professionally. We will offer you effective, cost-effective methods of entering the Russian market..

Search for partners and buyers of your products and services in Russia

The first step is the most important.

In total, there are approximately 6,001,091 medium-sized and small companies operating in Russia in 2021: 2,500,000 small companies 4,500,000 medium-sized companies. Companies with a turnover of less than $ 1 million a year are considered small. If large global companies have international departments, then small and medium-sized companies cannot afford it. When they need to find a foreign supplier of goods and services, they turn to a company like our Integra Force for service.

In turn, foreign companies also need the service we offer in Russia. We will not just find you a partner in Russia who is ready to buy or sell your products or services. We will check their business solvency and reputation, in part: how long does it exist on the market, what is its official turnover volume in accordance with tax reports for the last 3 years, whether it has any debts to the state and business partners. Whether they has had trials with buyers of goods and services, how many of them and what are the rehearsal consequences. Whether this company is included in the state register of unfair suppliers. We will give you data on the real owner of the company and the CEO.

What will you get in the end? You will receive a database made in Excel with clearly filled in fields and contact data: address, phone number, URL of the company’s website, emails, addresses of pages in social networks. Data on the turnover of funds, and court decisions, if any.

We have special titles, skills, we are connected to databases of companies by industry, and to special services of variators of the solvency of companies.

On your behalf, we will not only find partners for you or buyers of your products or services, but we will send them from you: an offer to start cooperation, product catalogues and prices.

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Analysis of Russian tenders by groups of goods and services

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Huge market, guaranteed product sales niche

In Russia, more than 50 large and medium-sized online tender platforms are used daily for an average of 3,400 tender purchases worth about $ 300 million. Two laws in Russia regulate the rules for the procurement of goods and services by state corporations and budget organizations according to these laws it is impossible to buy goods and services on budget money without the tender procedure in Russia. A foreign company will not be able to participate in the tender if it does not have an official representative office in Russia. But its Russian partner can offer goods to a foreign company at tender sites. Our company Integra Force cooperates with the leading aggregators of online tender platforms in Russia, we see in real time all new and existing tenders for the specified parameters. In addition, we see the results of the tenders: who won, at what price, delivery terms. We can, upon your request, promptly provide:

— a database of current tenders for a given group of goods and services
— give an analysis of past tenders with any time range
— prepare for you a database for the past 1-2 years of Russian companies who won tenders for the group of goods and services you are interested in. They can be invited to become your partners.

Express analysis

of the Russian retail market

A well-chosen searches in Yandex and Google determine the volume of sales

Everyone understands that before entering the market, it is necessary to evaluate its capacity, consumer activity, and the prices of competitors. Usually, such research is very expensive and takes a very long time. To perform this market research, specialists work with large amounts of data: state statistics, customs statistics, tax statistics. Such studies always show statistics of past periods. Integra Forse offers rapid retail market analysis on the basis of consumer searches on search engines Yandex and Google. In Russia, if people are looking for a product or service, they use the Yandex search engine and write a request in Russian. If they are looking for a product or service in other countries, they use the Google system and write a request in English.

Therefore, the Yandex search engine is the number ONE system in Russia.

For example, the word parquet is requested in Yandex more than 500,000 times a month, and the word laminate is 2.000.0000 (two million times). A cloud of keywords such as: laminate price, laminate buy double the number of total queries to 4,000,000 (four million)

By ordering from us an express analysis of the retail market based on keywords and phrases for your product group, you will get a clear idea of the current state of the Russian retail market. In addition, you will know what words you need to buy in the Yandex search engine to attract customers to your site for organizing sales.

Fill out the form, specify the products you want to order the analysis for. We will quickly provide a commercial offer

Translation of product catalogs PDF

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Your catalog in Russian will speed up the start of sales in Russia

Generally, foreign companies entering the Russian market with their products and services send their catalogues to Russian partners in their native language or in English. It is difficult for partners and customers to immediately start working with such a product, to start selling and to buy your product in Russia.
First, the Russian company have to translate the catalog. Simple arithmetic shows how many directories you send, how many times they will be translated in different Russian companies. High-quality translation into Russian, design of your product or service catalogues  performed once, under your full control, will significantly speed up the time of integration of your business into Russia. Significantly reduce the time of making a decision about starting sales of your products.

The process of translating product catalogs usually involves 2 stages of work: translating the text and processing the translated document. We (Integra Force) will take on both.

We do not just professionally translate and compile your product catalogs but we will find dozens (maybe hundreds) of companies in Russia who can become either your partner or a direct buyer of your goods and services. We will send them your catalogs, but not as SPAM, but personally for the CEOs of the companies. Before that we will ask for permission by phone to send your catalog in Russian and a letter of cooperation on your company’s form. Then we will send you the generated database of your potential partners or buyers in Russia.

Website localization

Start selling online in Russia

We will make your website in Russian. According to an international study of consumer purchasing preferences conducted by CSA (the leading analytical organization in the market of linguistic services and technologies), the more fully a product is described in the customer’s native language, the higher the probability that it will be bought.

75% of consumers have said they’re likely to purchase goods and services if the product information is in their native language. And 87% of consumers who don’t speak and can’t read English won’t even consider buying from an English website.

Localization is not just a translation from one language to another. This is a complex adaptation to the culture and realities of the market, as a result of which the texts on the site, graphics, multimedia, layout-everything looks as expected by the target audience.

Integra Force will help you choose and buy a domain in the .ru zone. Host your website in Russian on a hosting service in Russia and it will work quickly throughout the Russian Federation.

We already have successful localization sites for European and Chinese companies.

We will quickly make your site landing page in Russian for you, and you will immediately start selling your products and services on the Russian market. 

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